Paranoid Much?

Please Nancy Pelosi, how stoned are you to actually live in fear of people who have different point of views from yourself. I firmly believe that Ms. Pelosi does not need to fear of a challenge to a dual or some sort of bizarre modern Preston Brooks beating. Even if the Census workers death was [...]

Oh Shit

Apparently Sarah Palin is now promoting libertarian or lower case c-conservative. Or at least that are what people are describing her as because she was critical of the Federal Reserve. While this school of thought is often associated with libertarian ideals I do not think Sarah Palin can be honestly labeled a Libertarian.  She may [...]

Senile Peanut Farmer Speaks Out

According to former President and peanut farmer Jimmy Carter, Congresssman Charles Rangel, and Janeane Garofalo most people dislike Barack Obama not because of his policies, but they are critical towards him because of his ethnic background. Now naturally there is a certain shade of hypocrisy in thinking that a Caucasian is racist based on the [...]

Let us Review

The external world is yet again revolting.  I will try to recap as much as I can. Swine flu is a level six pandemic, the highest level possible. This is absolutely absurd considering they have not started to burn the corpses yet. Maybe they have in secrecy, but if that is the case then I [...]

oh fiddle sticks

Many things have changed since I have last updated. More bailouts, more absurdity from the government, more things that are more of the same. The fundamental difference is there is a whole new group of people with surprisingly similar goals. A civil army, that’s cool because Barack Obama is putting it together. But if George [...]

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